Company History

The company Velmart d.o.o. was established in Varazdin, Croatia, at the beginning of year 1991. The main business of the company was the wholesale of rawhides. From the very beginning our goal was to develop a good, long-term business relations with Croatian slaughterhouses of which today we buy rawhides (mostly bull, calf and cow hides) and of course buyers.

Until mid-1998 the company has operated in rented premises in several locations, but then company moved into its own premises in Varazdin, Cehovska ulica 11, where companies’ management and warehouse is still situated.

At the end of year 2005 the company expanded its warehouse and built new administrative facilities.
Our core business is oriented on buying, preserving (salting), sorting and selling raw salted bovine hides, bovine head hides, and in smaller extent sheep and lamb hides.