About our history, honesty, false promises and Corona

My name is Hrvoje and the topics I will write about in my future blogs will be mostly about the raw hides business and other things that are related to it.

This is the first blog I have written, ever. So, before writing about work we do, I feel a need to tell you something about myself, my family, and company, that has marked my life from childhood.

Where we were in ’91?

If you are not from one of the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, question “where were you in 91’?”, doesn’t have deeper political meaning. And I really don’t want to get into politics and war in ex YU, but this question in last 20 plus years has become more symbolic and sometimes parodic question about someone’s past and getting out someone’s skeletons from closet. Luckily, there are no skeletons in my or my families part…but to answer the question…

My mother, founder and owner, and till recently executive manager of Velmart d.o.o.

On March 8th, 1991, and very symbolic day for all women – International women’s day, my mother received a work permit notice to her home address – her Velmart company was founded. From the beginning, the main activity was raw cowhide: gathering skins in slaughterhouses, conservation and storage, and delivery to tanneries.

Thanks to her previous work and a certain reputation that she gained, it was not difficult for her to make first deals with suppliers and customers, all in good faith and trust. She started a business from scratch – with small amount of money, in rented office and warehouse.

Several workers were employed mostly extended family members, including my father. Some of them have also already worked in tanning and their experience was invaluable, because at the beginning my mother and father needed to learn many things and know how to apply it, to do the job properly.

No false promises

Doing business properly and the relationship with business partners was the most important thing for this company from the beginning. An honest long-term relationship, striving for quality, accuracy, and respect for other people’s work.

In short – no false promises. It is a foundation from which Velmart started and has never been given up. When you get into entrepreneurship with enough money just for start, honest business is actually the main capital you have. As time goes on, you realize that many partners appreciate it and without that there wouldn’t be “Velmart” either.

That is why we look for such values in others. But also, during years we have realized very often in hard way, that these values are not appreciated by everyone, and you can’t please everyone, and it often turns out that if you don’t succede it is not a problem in us at all. So many times, we have worked and trusted people who were all but honest.

Right now, we are facing many new challenges. Covid-19 or Corona in Croatia, EU and the world is certainly not helping us, and the future is uncertain. Croatia has also recently faced devastating earthquakes where people lost their life’s and homes, so there is also one more difficulty we need to deal with…
But no matter what comes in our way, we are not giving up on our principles, just as we haven’t in nearly thirty years of business.

I wish you happy new year!!

Our first stamp from 1991.

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